Paragraph on The Uses and Abuses of Facebook

Paragraph Name : The Uses and Abuses of Facebook

Answer: Facebook is one of the greatest and the most wonderful inventions of modern technology. Actually, Facebook is a social networking website intended to connect friend, family, and business. Users are able to search for friend and acquaintances by e-mail address, school, university, or just by typing a name or location for search. E- mail notifications let users know when new friend have chosen to add them to their list or when someone has sent a message to them within the system. A popular feature on Facebook is the ability to share photographs uploaded from a phone, camera, or hard drive. As with other private information, users have the option to allow only friends to see their pictures or anyone. There is an unlimited amount of storage available, which is a major advantage of Facebook’s photograph sharing capabilities. But it is now almost equally used and abused. Many young boys and girls become addicted to it and give more time on it than studies. Again, sometimes privacy is not ensured. Few immoral people post obscene pictures. Seeing these pictures, the tender minds of the youngsters are severely damaged. A long term bad effect can be seen in those adolescents. Besides, various crimes are being through it. For this reason, a few days ago the authority has closed its network sine die. In fact, it gives us entertainment but it should not be turned into a national obsession encouraging narcissism. Despite these few bad sides of Facebook, it has great importance for the communication of modern people at present. So we all should take all possible steps so that this blessing may not turn into a curse.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: civilisation- সভ্যতা, connect- সংযুক্ত করা, intend- উদ্দেশ্য, ability- সামর্থ্য, allow- অনুমতি দেয়া, tender- কোমল, severely- মারাত্মক ভাবে, available- সহজলভ্য, addicted- আসক্ত, privacy- গোপনীয়তা, crime- অপরাধ, curse- অভিশাপ।