Paragraph on Climate Change/The Impact of Climate Change

Paragraph Name : Climate Change/The Impact of Climate Change

Climate change is a current issue which is being discussed worldwide. The conscious and concerned people are highly tensed about it. the impact of climate change beggars description. Climate change mainly takes place as a result of global warming. Global warming is caused by gradual increasing of temperature in the world. Excessive emission of green house gases, burning of fossil duels are mainly responsible foe this. Global warming is creating a great havoc in our life. It has become very difficult to endure excessive amount of heat during summer. Flood and drought have become common phenomena throughout the world. So the suffering of people is ever on the increase. It has an impact on agriculture too. The farmers cannot grow crops either for flood or for drought. Consequently, we will face shortage of food. Climatologists predict that if the global temperature keeps on increasing, the polar ice will melt and the sea – level will rise. And as a result, some coastal areas of the world will go under water. For example, the southern coastal area of Bangladesh will go under water. It also affects human health and psychology as well. we can see some fatal and new diseases in the world now. People are being mentally disturbed as well. We should be conscious of the impact of climate, and the concerned authority should take necessary steps to control carbon emission.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: Climate change- জলবায়ু পরিবর্তন, impact- প্রভাব, beggar description- বর্ণনাতীত অনাবৃষ্টি খরা, phenomena- ঘটনা, climatologist- জলবায়ুবিদ, predict- ভবিষ্যদ্বানী করা, coastal area- উপকুলীয় অঞ্চল, fatal- মারাত্মক প্রানঘাতি, current- চলমান, discuss- আলোচনা করা, tensed- চিন্তিত, temperature- তাপমাত্রা, impact- প্রভাব।