Paragraph on Private University and Public University

Paragraph Name : Private University and Public University

Answer: Education is the backbone of a nation. We get education from tow streams, one is public and the other is private. These two streams are going on side by side. The public universities are open to all. But one has to face hard competition for a seat. On the other hand, it is less difficult to get a seat in a private university. The private universities are meant for the moneyed persons as they have to pay a lot. The public universities are cheaper and the private universities are costlier. This is the age of privatisation. So, the private universities are becoming popular day by day. The public universities have to face a number of problems. Students politics plays a vital role in deteriorating the academic environment in the public universities. As a result, students have to face session jam, So, the conscious and the able persons are easily impressed by the private institutions. A public university is run in a large scale. The government of a poor country cannot afford to manage everything. So, in order to get some extra facilities, the moneyed students easily impressed by the alluring advertisements of the private university. It is to be noted that the private universities are set up only for commercial purposes. As a result, some problems often arise. The private sectors are not still properly developed and they have not been able to come out of limitations. The two sectors should be developed in a balanced way, and the main function should be only for knowledge and education other than commerce. In fact the two sectors are playing important role to make the nation highly education.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: stream- ধারা, moneyed- ধনী, privatisation- ব্যক্তিমালিকানা ধীন, hamper- ব্যাহত হওয়া, impressed- প্রভাবিত হওয়া, afford- সামর্থ্য, alluring- মুগ্ধকর, commercial- ব্যবসায়িক, purpose- উদ্দেশ্য, arise- উঠা, backbone- মেরুদন্ড।