Paragraph on My First Day at Collage

Paragraph Name : My First Day at Collage

The first day of my collage life was a memorable day for me. I got myself admitted to Viqarunnisa Noon School and Collage and was excited about the first day at my collage. I want there along with my mother. The building appeared to be grand and I was filled withe excitement. At first, I meet Neena,one of my best friends at school level. Though I was excited, I felt a little awkward in my class. The students were talking in groups, laughing and shouting completely neglecting the new comes. Neena and I were sitting in a corner observing the sights and sounds. After a few minutes, the class stated. It was a Sociology class. Then we attended Bangla, Statistics and Economics classes. I found all the teachers learned and impressive. They were very friendly and amiable too.During the tiffin period, I took some light tiffin from the collage canteen. Then I went to the students common room. There were many students there. Some were reading newspapers and magazines, and some were playing various indoor games. I visited the library, the science club and the best. The memory of my first day at collage is still fresh in my mind.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: excited- উওেজিত, appeared- মনে হওয়া, grand- বিশাল, filled- পূর্ণ, awkward- বিব্রত, learned- শিক্ষিত, impressive- চিওাকর্ষন, amiable- সৌহার্দ্যপুর্ন, well equipped- সুসিজ্জিত, remember- স্মরন করা।