Paragraph on Friendship

Paragraph Name : Friendship

Friendship is a bond of feeling and relationship between two persons. Having a best friend in a person’s life is a great achievement. The qualities of a good friend are too many to describe here. S/he should be honest, caring, fun- loving, intelligent, open-minded free from jealousy, considerate and helpful. A good friend can influence our life greatly. Basically, friendship builds up when some certain qualities of both the persons become common. Mutual understanding fellow feeling, sacrifice, compromise and presence at the time of distress are the main qualities of a good friend. Before building up a good friendship, both the persons have to get to know each other well. A bad friend has no fellow feeling. He/she always tries to harm their friend. They wait for taking benefits from their friends. So, they are fair weather friends. A good friend must be aware of them. We must keep mind that it is easier to make friendship, but keeping friendship is absolutely tough. Friendship can be broken even for a trifling matter. When comes the issue of lending and borrowing money from friends, it sometimes becomes tough to sustain friendship. It has a great impact on our lives. All things considered, a good friend is an asset but a bad friend is, on other hand, a curse.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: bond- বন্ধন, relationship- সম্পর্ক, achievement- অর্জন করা, quality- গুন, jealousy- বিদ্ধেষ হিংসা, influence- প্রভাবিত করা, fellow-feeling- সহমর্মিতা, sacrifice- উৎসর্গ, compromise- সমঝোতা, distress- দুর্দশা।