Paragraph on Family Life and Hostel Life

Paragraph Name : Family Life and Hostel Life

Answer: Man is a social being. He has been living in society surrounded by families. After the day’s business, people come back to their houses to live peacefully with the family members. But in this modern competitive age, human demands and necessities have increased to a large scale and we cannot meet all our needs sitting at home. Thus, we are forced to live away from our families either in messes or in hostels. It is known to all that we cannot get all the facilities of a family staying either in a mess or in a hostel. A hostel life, completely free from parental love and guidance. The dwellers have to depend on self-service, which sometimes turns to be a blessing. In hostel life, a student learns to be fit for practical life and she becomes an expert. Since one has to manage everything by oneself, one learns how to cope with the realities of life. In hostel life, one gets complete liberty, which often may cause havoc. If one is not conscious of one’s time and duties, one can easily go astray. We get familial help and guidance in a family. But sometimes we have to perform some duties, towards our families. Sometimes a student cannot make the best use of time. But in a hostel life, a student gets ample time to read and learn. In hostel life, a student can easily take other student help, which is not available in a family life. In a family, the parents try to bring up their children in accordance with their wishes and ideology. The reckless students need complete familial control and guidance. For them, family is the best place. A careful and conscious person can easily do well either living in a or in a hostel. In spite of having some merits and demerits both in families and in hostels, both are needed indifferent circumstances.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: dweller- বসবাসকারি, self-service- নিজের কাজ নিজে করা, parental- পিতামাতার, cope with- মানিয়ে চলা, liberty- স্বাধীনতা, havoc- ব্যাপক ক্ষতি, astray- বিপদে, ample- প্রচুর, ideology- আদর্শ, reckless- বেপরোয়া, being- জীব/প্রানী, competitive- প্রতিযোগিতামুলক, guidance- পথ নির্দেশনা, depend- নির্ভর করা।