Paragraph on Extracurricular Activities

Paragraph Name : Extracurricular Activities

Answer: Extracurricular- activities are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of a school, collage or university. That is, extracurricular activities are the activities that are not part of mainstream education of an institution. Generally, such activities are not mandatory; rather social, philanthropic, and often involve others of the same age. Extracurricular activities usually include music, drama, dancing, swimming, debating sports, etc. Besides, inter- collage competitions, the annual sports and seasonal games are also included in extracurricular activities. Many educational institutions have clubs for each of these activities. Students become members of these clubs and take part in different competitions. Extra-curricular activities are helpful to develop various skills of the students, which may help them in real life. These activities increase students, efficiency in many ways. A sound physical and mental health is direct outcome of extracurricular activities. Besides, students can gather experiences through them. Many students have become successful in their lives by dint of such activities. No doubt extra-curricular activities are very important in students life. Therefore, students must take part in extra-curricular activities alongside regular studies.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: fall outside- আওতাভূক্ত, realm- রাজ্য, curriculum- নির্ধারিত পাঠক্রম, mandatory- বাধ্যতামুলক, philanthropic- জনহিতকর, included- অন্তভূক্ত, helpful- সহায়ক, develop- বিকশিত করা, skill- দক্ষতা, real life- বাস্তব জীবন।