Paragraph on Environment Pollution

Paragraph Name : Environment Pollution

Answer: The environment refers to the air, water and land in which people, animals and plants live. Human beings, animals, Plants, air, water and soil are the main elements of the environment. These elements should be pollution free for our healthy living. But when they are polluted and their essential balance is disrupted, in is called environmental pollution. Nowadays, almost everywhere, our environment is getting polluted. In many places of our country, the environment has become extremely polluted. We ourselves, are responsible for this situation. Industries and factories emit huge amount of smoke, gases and fume. Motor vehicles also emit large amount of smoke and gases. All these cause air pollution. Water is polluted from the dumping of industrial wastes and by chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Due to the indiscriminate use of vehicle horns, loud speakers, mikes, etc sound is polluted. Soil is polluted by harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Trees play an important role in the environment. trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Thus they save the environment. But trees are being cut down for different commercial purposes. This needs to be stopped for the sake of keeping our environment healthy. Environment pollution is a great threat to our existence. It changes the world’s climate and brings about different kinds of natural disasters. Thus, the world is getting unsuitable for living. To make life healthy and comfortable, we should keep the environment clean and pollution free.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: refer- নির্দেশ করা, element- উপাদান, essential- প্রয়োজনীয়, balance- ভারসাম্য, disrupted- ব্যবহুত হওয়া, environmental- পরিবেশ, pollution- দুষন, responsible- দায়ী, severe- ভয়াবহ, fume- ধোঁয়া, fertilizer- সার, dump- কোন কিছু খালাস করা, insecticide- কীটনাশক।