Paragraph on Discipline

Paragraph Name : Discipline

Answer: The word discipline means obedience to the established rules of conduct. It is very necessary to achieve success in life. We can learn it from nature, because every creature of nature strictly follows natural rules. We can learn discipline from the life of wise, renowned and successful people. We may even learn discipline from small insects. Our parents and teachers can play a vital role in this regard by telling and teaching us about the importance of it. Discipline is strictly followed in the armed forces. Actually, discipline should be followed in every sphere of discipline in human life. The people who have succeeded in life have strictly followed a disciplined life,. Those who have followed discipline strictly, have reached their goals. If men do not maintain discipline in life, they have to suffer a dire consequence. Everything will be disordered. As students, we also have to be disciplined in studying, attending classes, listening to the lectures, sports, walking and in wearing clothes.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: obedience- আনুগত্য, achieve- অর্জন, strictly- কঠোরভাবে, renowned- বিখ্যাত, insects- পোকা-মাকর, sphere- পর্দায়, enormous- অসংখ্য, reflection- প্রতিফলন, dire- ভয়াবহ, consequence- পরিণতি, disordered- বিশৃঙ্খলতার কারনে, rules- নিয়ম