Paragraph on Democracy and Autocracy

Paragraph Name : Democracy and Autocracy

Answer: There are two types of government in the modern world, and they are democratic and autocratic. The main function of both the types of government is to rule the nation. In a democratic system, The public opinion is clearly reflected as the government is established by the direct support of people. On the contrary,autocratic government is not at all people oriented. In this system, government comes to power ignoring and disregarding public opinion. In a democratic system, government cannot be despotic as the citizens of a country can change the government and establish a new one in accordance with their needs. In the democratic system, people are the source of all power; on the contrary,in an autocratic system, the new government comes the power through overpowering and dethroning the established government. Since a democratic government is a government by the people, if most of the people are careless and ignorant, unskilled government is bound to be established. Some says that it is a rule of the ignorant people. On the other hand if a despotic government becomes moral and ideal, the people can be more benefited. A democratic government is suitable for the people and the members of the government.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: democratic- গনতান্ত্রিক, autocratic- স্বৈরতান্ত্রিক, oriented- কন্দ্রিক, disregard- অগ্রাহ্য করা, despotic- স্বৈরাচারি, dethrone- ক্ষমতাচ্যুত করা, overpower- উৎখাত করা, unskilled- অদক্ষ, established- প্রতিষ্ঠিত, suitable- উপযুক্ত, types- ধরন, rule- শাসন করা।