Paragraph on Cricket and Football

Paragraph Name : Cricket and Football

Answer: Sports and games give men recreation and merriment. The spectators enjoy both cricket and football, and each game has its own characteristics and taste. Yet, there are some differences between cricket and football. Cricket is time consuming whereas football has shorter duration. Cricket is still confined to a few countries whereas football is prevailing in almost all the countries. Cricket is played with a ball and bats. On the contrary, football is played with a football. Usually, the cricket players wear trousers and shirts. Conversely, football players wear shorts and jersey. In a football match, there is a goalkeeper. On the other hand in a cricket match, runs and wickets are taken into consideration. Despite some differences there is conformity between these two games, which is the profuse amusement of the spectators. The popularity of these two games is increasing gradually. The two games re playing vital roles in bringing the nations closer. The relationships among different countries become stronger through sports like cricket and football.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: recreation- বিনোদন, spectator- দর্শক, characteristics- বৈশিষ্ট্য, consuming- ব্যয়কারি, prevailing- ব্যয়কারী, determined- নির্ধারিত হওয়া, justification- সত্যতা প্রমান, consideration- বিবেচনা, profuse- অঢেল, amusement- আনন্দ।