Paragraph on Bangladeshi Culture

Paragraph Name : Bangladeshi Culture

Answer: Bangladesh has its own culture and tradition. Bangladeshi culture reflects the behavior of individuals, there dresses, occasions, languages, livelihood, festivals, etc. The people of Bangladesh are greatly influenced by the faith. The prime religions are Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism. Though each religion has different cultures and festivals, people live in peace and harmony with each other. A strong brotherhood prevails among them. Their way of living, food habit, clothes, values, etc. are almost same though they belong to different religions, regions and have different dialects. Every occasion is celebrated with the participation of each and every religious people. Bangladesh has a golden history. We have 21st, February (International Mother language day), 26th, March (Independence day), 16 th, December (Victory day), Pahela Baishakh (First day of Bengali New year), etc. People celebrate some of these days withe due respect and solemnity, and some other with joy and festivity. Bangladeshi culture and traditions are entirely reflected in these days. Bangladeshi people have the strong tradition of food. Rice is the staple food here. They usually take rice three times in a day with delicious dishes curry. Bangladeshi men wear lungi and women were saree. Different types of arts and crafts are seen in Bangladesh. Weaving pottery, terracotta, Nakshi kantha etc. are traditional in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi culture is enriched, but now the cultures of foreign countries are intruding into our culture. So, we should be careful and try to uphold our own cultures to the world.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: culture- সংস্কৃতি, tradition- ঐতিহ্য, reflect- প্রতিফলিত, influenced- প্রভাবিত, faith- বিশ্বাস, prime- প্রধান, peace and harmony- শান্তিপূর্ণভাবে, brotherhood- ভাতৃত্ব, prevail- বিরাজমান থাকা।