Paragraph on A Winter Morning

Paragraph Name : A Winter Morning

A winter morning is cold and foggy. Every things seems hazy and indistinct. Grasses are wet with dew drops. When the sun rises, dew drops sparkle like pearls. Old people and children shiver in cold. Poor people gather straw and make fire to bask in the heat. Animals, too, are helpless. They hide themselves in the corner of the house and try to save themselves in the corner of the house and try to save themselves from the biting cold outside. People get up in morning. Elderly people and children usually get up a bit late to evade cold of the early morning. Working people go out when the fog disappears and the sun is hot. People usually eat homemade cakes with date juice and enjoy the warmth of the early sun sitting outside their homes. Bengalis settled abroad make it a point to come and spend the winter in Bangladesh. They Find the winter here pleasant as the winter in any European country is tremendously cold. A winter morning in Bangladesh is thus quite fascinating for them. My personal feeling about a winter morning is that it is a bane for the poor but a boon for the rich.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: foggy- কুয়াশাছন্ন, hazy- অস্পষ্ট, indistinct- আবছা, dew drops- শিশির কনা, sparkle- ঝলমল করা, pearl- মুক্তা, shiver- কাপা, straw- খড়কুটো, bask- আগুন পোহানো, biting- তীব্র, get up- ঘুম থেকে উঠা, disappear- অদৃশ্য হওয়া, warmth- উষ্ণতা।