Paragraph on A Farmer Or, The Life of a Farmer

Paragraph Name : A Farmer Or, The Life of a Farmer

Generally, a farmer is a poor man. Most often he has on land of his own. So, he cultivates the land of others. He lives from hand to mouth. He works very hard to prepare the land for planting or sowing crops. He works in the field from dawn to dusk. Sometimes he works under the burning sun and in the rain. For the farmers’ growing and reaping the harvest, we can have our food. By working hard in the field, he grows a bumper crop which helps develop our national economy. We know that ours is an agricultural country. More than 80 percent people are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture. Our economy is also mostly dependent on agricultural. So, to promote the development of national economy the farmers should be helped with agricultural subsidies by the government. They should be encouraged to use tractors instead of the age -old ploughs. They should also be taught to use the modern cultivation methods. This is how, the life of the farmers can be developed.

English Word Meaning in Bangla: generally- সাধারন ভাবে, cultivate- চাষ করা, harvest- ফসল, engaged- জড়িত, plough- লাঙ্গল, method- পদ্ধতি, poor- দরিদ্র, often- প্রায়ই, land- জমি, sow – বপন করা, plant – রোপন করা, prepare- প্রস্তুত করা।